Hello, it's Murphy. 

I want everyone to know why my mom is the Natural Pet Sitter and greatest dog walker in the world. First, she really loves all animals. She took me in after I was found starving by the Animal Trustees of Austin. I know that I will always have plenty to eat and it's best stuff for me. Mom thinks that a lot of added chemicals and by-products aren't good.  

I think that daily walks are very important. You see, I get bored when I have to stay by myself for long periods of time. 

Mom's so funny, she always picks up my poop no matter where we go. She thinks it's important to protect our water. Leaving my poop around to get washed into the creeks and lakes is not good for anyone. 

She even thinks about me as she is cleaning the house. Mom knows how much I like eating off the floor and drinking the cool water in the toilet so she makes sure she cleans those with non-toxic cleaners. No toxic chemicals on the yard either.  I love to lay in cool, green grass on hot summer days.  

Mom is always prepared in case something happens to me. She knows pet first aid and pet CPR. She likes to practice on me and my little brother, Riley. We get our teeth brushed every day.  I think it's great. 

My mom really does love all kinds of animals. Mom says the other  little dogs are called cats but they remind me of puppies. Mom takes good care of them too. She feeds them plenty of good stuff. 

I hope I've answered any questions you might have of why my mom is the Natural Pet Sitter. She is the best. If you have any questions you can contact her by phone, e-mail or text.

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